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Cheap places to eat in Cairns for


Cairns   can   be   a   very   expensive   place   to   eat   but   there   are   some   options   for backpackers getting their stomach filled without emptying your wallet. Food   Court   at   the   night   market-   there   are   many   self   serve   Asian   shops with prices from about $12.  The   food   stalls   at   Rusty’s   Markets   (Frid-Sat-Sun   only).   Of   special   mention is   the   Saigon   Hut   Vietnamese   stall   which   has   the   yummiest   vietnamese dishes in Cairns for less than $10. The food court on the top floor of Cairns Central. The   Eatz   -   a   collection   of   4   or   5   Asian   food   stalls   on   Lake   Street,   south   of the Spence st. intersection with most dishes around $10. Orchid   Plaza-   a   number   of   Asian   cafes   with   very   reasonably   priced   food. Korea Korea is a standout with exceptional food. PJ   Obriens-pub   on   Shield   st.      Ask   at   your   backpackers   for   a   food   voucher- $9   will   get   you   a   great   pub   meal   and   a   drink.   Gilligans   (the   nightmarket) has a similar deal. Ganbaranba- a Japanese noodle shop with prices from about $10. Civic   shopping   centre   (especially   Combo   Yummy   noodle   shop)   on   the corner of Mcleod st and Florence st has dishes fro $5. Dominoes   Pizza-   get   on   their   website   and   order   it   online   for   a   very   cheap pizza.   Tuesdays   is   even   cheaper.   Pick   up   your   pizza   at   their   shop   at   the Civic shopping Centre Go   to   Rusty’s   fresh   fruit   and   veg   market   (Fri/Sat/Sun)   and   get   lots   of   fruit cheaply.   If   you   go   on   a   Sunday   around   1-2   pm   when   the   stalls   are   getting ready   to   close   up   for   the   weekend   you   can   get   a   large   bag   of   your favourite fruit for next to nothing.
Food court at the night markets