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Cairns Dangers

Things to watch out for!

Cairns   is   a   great   place   to   visit   and   to   live   in   and   most   backpackers   love   the   place.   But   just   like   anywhere   else   in   the world there are things you need to watch out for and places you have to be careful about.


Bedbugs   love   warm   humid   places   such   as   Cairns   and   they   can   be   very   hard   to   get   rid   of   so   unfortunately   there   are still   bedbug   problems   in   Cairns.   You   should   check   your   room   and   your   bed   on   arrival   to   make   sure   you   won’t   be eaten   alive   during   the   night.   What   you   need   to   do   is   look   at   your   bed   -   you   probably   won’t   see   any   bedbugs   as they   hide   during   the   day   but   they   do   leave   telltale   signs.   Check   out   the   underside   of   the   mattress   and   any   seam lines of the mattress-look for: Any bedbugs dead or alive. Any bedbug eggs Bedbug faeces. If   you   do   get   bitten   you   will   end   up   with   bite   marks   over   your   body-   they   may   be   bite   marks   from   sandflys   (little mosquitos) so don’t jump to conclusions.

Muggings/attacks at night

Cairns   is   basically   a   very   safe   place   but   just   like   anywhere   else   in   the   world   the   chances   of   being   mugged/assaulted increase late at night/early in the morning.  You can minimise the risk by taking the following precautions: It is better to walk home with a friend whenever possible late at night. This is especially so if it is after say 2 am. If   you   are   staying   outside   the   CBD   then   try   to   always   walk   home   with   a   friend   anytime   at   night.   Consider   taking   a taxi if it is after 2 am and you aren’t staying in the CBD. Try   to   avoid   known   danger   spots   such   as   certain   parts   of   Manoora   and   Manunda   after   dark.   See   the   Qld   police crime stats website  for more info. 

Dangerous Animals

Box   jellyfish    and   irukanji   jellyfish   are   probably   the   most   dangerous   creatures   in   Cairns.   They   are   only   a   danger during   the   summer   months   Nov-   April/May   (dates   are   variable)   and   .   During   this   time   do   NOT   swim   on   the   beach without   a   full   protective   lycra/jellyfish   suit   unless   you   are   in   one   of   the   jellyfish   safe   nets   installed   by   the authorities.   On   the   reef   there   is   a   much   lesser   chance   of   being   stung   but   it   is   still   recommended   to   wear   a   suit just in case. See this webpage for more info. Crocodiles    -   keep   a   safe   distance   from   salwater   estuaries   (rivers)   and   river   mouths   at   all   costs.   Most   beaches   that are   not   close   to   a   river   mouth   are   fine   but   keep   your   eyes   open-   crocs   are   sometimes   seen   along   the   beach   as they migrate from river to river. Snakes - No   discussion   of   dangerous   creatures   in   Australia   would   be   complete   without   mentioning   snakes-   in   short there   are   many   very   venomous   snakes   that   can   kill   you   in   Cairns   (not   of   course   the   CBD).      If   you   see   any   just leave   them   alone   and   they   will   leave   you   alone.   If   you   get   bitten   apply   a   pressure   bandage   and   get   medical   help asap Bats/flying   foxes.   There   are   many   flying   foxes   nesting   in   the   trees   in   the   CBD   area-   they   are   beautiful   creatures and   watching   them   as   they   head   out   on   their   nightly   feed   can   be   an   inspiring   experience.   However,   they   can   carry viruses   such   as   Rabies-   so   do   not   pick   them   up   or   try   to   touch   them-   that   includes   any   babies   that   may   have fallen out of the trees. For more discussion on where to see the bats check out our free things to do page.

Bat poo and your car

Along Aplin street- near the library under the large fig trees. If you park your car under these trees then you will certainly have a big white mess to clean up when you come back. You will know where not to park by looking for the bat poo on the ground.

Dodgy employers that don’t pay you the legal rate.

Some employers in Cairns take advantage of the abudance of backpackers by paying them far less than they are entitled to by law. The minimum rate varies depending on the job but as of October 2016 the minimum rate was $17.70/hr (+ 25% if you are casually employed). To get the latest minimum pay rate or to complain about being underpaid go to to the  Fair work tribunal website.

Cairns Villa and Leisure Park

For legal reason we cannot say too much but our advice based on the following links is not to stay at this caravan park. http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/horror-spate-of-violence-at-cairns-caravan-park-spurs-police- into-action/news-story/371b68f8b4d86cacaa8a6a8fe37c2268 Trip advisor reviews