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Rent a car Renting a car is especially an attractive option if campervans are all rented out or if there are only a couple of you. You still get the freedom of going where and when you want, and you can choose to either camp it somewhere or stay at hostels along the way. Time is short? Just fly it!      Australia is big. From Sydney to Cairns it is 2,400 km by car- that is at least 3 days of driving without stopping to see the sights. If you have only a couple of weeks to get say from Adelaide to Cairns you will probably be better off to get a flight or 2 otherwise you will be spending your whole time on the road. Get a price right now by clicking here. Campervan it!      Many backpackers prefer renting a campervan to bussing it or renting a car. The reasons are obvious:  •	You save money on your accommodation •	You can go where you want and when you want.  •	You can share the campervan rental with other backpackers and save lots of money whilst having a great time.  •	No need to worry about breakdowns or having to sell the vehicle afterwards Campervan Relocations    Cheapest way to travel around Oz From $5/day!       A relocation is when the campervan company needs to get the campervan from one location to another for a rental booking. The company either has to pay someone big dollars to go and drive the van back or it can just get a backpacker to do it for them!       This is insanely cheap for the backpacker- often only $5/day and includes free petrol. Downside is that you only have a limited period to get the van to where it needs to go- usually only 5-10 days.    Check here for available relocations

Getting to Cairns and around the rest of Oz

How you do this depends of course of where you are coming from and how long long you intend to spend travelling. Here are some ideas.