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Day trips on the reef
Snorkelling Nearly all of the trips include your snorkelling equipment and lunch. Trips range from about $120 to $200. Diving All day trips include diving equipment and your lunch. Prices range from about $150 for 1 dive up to nearly $250.  
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You need to catch a boat to get to the reef, and most trips require a whole day. Many of the trips go to 2 different reefs on the same day.
These can be great value, with both meals and accommodation included. There is nothing quite like spending the night on a boat on the Great Barrier Reef, it leaves you with memories you don’t easily forget. On a typical 2 day trip you can expect to do 6 dives, and 10 dives on a 3 day trip.
Getting your dive license means you can dive anywhere in the world without an instructor until you get too old to do it! Doing your course in Cairns means you not only get to dive on the greatest reef in the world, but you also get the highest quality of training in the industry. Don’t leave it any longer!
The Great Barrier Reef is the best protected reef system in the world meaning that when you go you WILL see more of the 1500 odd species of fish than you can possibly remember and you couldn’t begin to try and count the number that you see. Get out there and be ready to be amazed. Going from Cairns means you get great prices due to the competition between tour companies, and a great choice of trip styles-yacht,high-speed boat, floating pontoon or island.
Students in the Pro Dive training pool.