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Top 3 Backpacker hostels in Cairns

There   are   roughly   30   backpackers   in   Cairns,   some   are   extremely   good   and   a   few   are   pretty   bad.   Below   is   our   list   of   the   top   3 backpackers in Cairns subjectively based on our own opinion and knowledge and information gleaned from hundreds of guest reviews. 1 . Top Party Hostel - Gilligans 2 . Top Chill out hostel - Dreamtime 3 . Top overall value - Caravella’s 149.
Top chill out hostel Dreamtime      If you are looking for a laid back hostel that is pristinely clean (a contradiction?) then this is your place.  More info Top overall value hostel Caravella’s 149      Great location on the Esplanade, this well priced and superbly run establishment will suit just about everyone.  More info See all Cairns hostels See all Cairns hostels Top party hostel Gilligans      With the best nightclub in Cairns and it’s own massive pool this category goes hands down to Gilligans Backpackers More info