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Cairns Sharehouses

Staying longer in Cairns?

So   you   got   yourself   a   good   job   and   are   keen   to   get   out   of   your   backpackers.   Most   people   in this   situation   will   end   up   moving   into   a   sharehouse-   for   roughly   the   same   price   you   can   get your   own   room.      Single   rooms   go   for   $100   up   and   twin/double   rooms   for   $150   +.   There   is usually   a   minimum   of   a   week   or   more   but   in   the   quiet   season   (Nov-April)   you   may   be   able   to negotiate   a   shorter   stay   and/or   cheaper   rate.   Places   get   cheaper   the   further   you   are   out   of town   and   remember   that   in   general   if   you   are   going   to   be   walking   home   late   at   night it   is   safer   the   closer   you   are   to   the   city.   The   following   are   the   best   places   to   find   a room: Gumtree.com.au Airbnb Cairns Post Newspaper- especially on a Saturday. Orchid   plaza   -   located   on   lake   street   between   Spence   and   Shield   street-   go upstairs and you will see the ads on the windows. Cairns-sharehouse.com Sharehouses can be a great alternative to backpackers but there are things to be aware of: Theft is common- make sure your door has a lock on it. Male   owners   can   sometimes   apply   a   lot   of   pressure   on   female   tenants   to   have   sex.   Be   prepared   for   it.   Most   of course are fine. Make   sure   you   have   met   some   of   the   other   tenants   first-   some   of   the   sharehouses   are   notorious   for   being   full   of locals of somewhat dubious character. Make   sure   you   know   of   the   bond   refund   rules   (ie   minimum   stay,   minimum   notice   etc).   You   will   have   to   pay   a   bond and the owner will not be keen on refunding it if you leaver ealier than you said. If   you   are   in   a   sharehouse   with   many   other   tenants   and   there   is   no   approval   certificate   from   the   Cairns   City Council   displayed   then   the   sharehouse   may   be   running   as   an   illegal   hostel   and   is   in   all   likelihood   not   compliant with   Qld   Fire   Safety   Legislation.   You   need   to   satisfy   yourself   there   are   adequate   working   smoke   detectors throughout   the   building   and   in   your   room,   and   adequately   marked   exit   points.If   you   are   in   doubt   go   somewhere else. If   your   sharehouse   is   a   long   way   from   the   city   centre   it   could   be   dangerous   getting   back   home   late   at   night   by yourself. Closer to the city is generally better.

What if you end up in a bad sharehouse and the owner won’t refund your bond?

Don’t   worry-   you   hold   the   upper   hand.   By   law,in   nearly   all   circumstances   the   bond   you   give   to   the   owner   needs   to   be then   lodged   by   the   owner   with   the   Residential   Tenancies   Authority   of   Qld    and   most   owners   don’t   bother.      If   you find   yourself   in   a   sharehouse   that   is   not   as   advertised   or   different   to   what   was   promised   or   shown   you,   then   the mere   threat   of   going   to   the   RTA   should   be   enough   to   get   your   bond   back   as   otherwise   the   owner   can   receive   a large fine. If that doesn’t work then the phone number to call the RTA is 07-3046 5400