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So you want to go to an enchanting rainforest perhaps taking a swim under a superb waterfall, Or maybe you prefer spending a couple of days lazing on a rainforest clad beach in the middle of nowhere. You can book all of these tours here and get the best price.
Of course you want to go to the reef, but which boat do you go on/ Do you go to an island , a pontoon or a trip where you stay on the boat all day?  Do you go for a day trip or stay overnight on the reef. Where is the best snorkelling? What about the best diving? Read on to find out.
Maybe rafting is your thing, or plummeting through the sky with nothing but a parachute on your back. ...Cairns is your place so read on!
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Don’t be a bum all day, get out and do stuff!
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Here are some of the more unusual tours Cairns has to offer.
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